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Author: Sesse Ahiatsi

Sesse Ahiatsi

Let’s save Richard’s life together

He is always smiling with his funny look. He's Richard. He is 14 years old and has lived on the street for more than 15 months, abandoned to himself. Richard tries to survive in this

Football: Here is the highest paid African player in Ligue 1

The Senegalese Idrissa Gueye is the highest-paid African footballer in Ligue 1. Idrissa Gueye ranks 17th among the highest-paid players in French Ligue 1, a recent publication in France Football magazine suggests. The 30-year-old player

Judo / Clarisse Agbegnenou wins gold at the Grand Slam in Paris

The Franco-Togolese, Clarisse Agbegnenou sent a strong signal to her potential competitors at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, by winning a new title at the Grand Slam in Paris. She beat Japanese Nami Nabekura to

Cameroon / Music: Dynastie le Tigre on “Tout chez nous” with Sheney

The Cameroonian singer has announced the official release of his new song, in collaboration with Ariel Sheney. Definitely, it is a story of heart between Cameroon and the Ivory Coast, as regards urban music. Just

Audrey Nabila Monkam crowned Miss Cameroon 2020

Audrey Nabila Monkam, 24, was crowned Miss Cameroon 2020, after the final held on Saturday December 28, 2019 at the multipurpose sports palace in Yaoundé. The issue of the estate of former beauty queen Caroline

Football / Sierra Leone: Victoria Conteh first female coach in first division

A former Siera-Leon international, Victoria Conteh has just been given a new challenge. To take over the East End Tigers men's team. His ambitions with the club are clear, to win the Sierra Leonean Premier


Less known than Amal Gualu, who is the first female captain of Ethiopian Airlines, Sophie Ghezai is the first female pilot in the history of the Ethiopian airline. She recently took part in the first

Flash Marley : “LA MADRE”

"Life gave me brothers, friends but what is special is that I know who to count on", "Weakness is mental", are the two favorite quotes of the girl who had the courage to make her

Sona Jobarteh: Who is this woman contesting the exclusivity of Kora to men?

Sona Jobarteh is a composer, singer and instrumentalist of Gambian and English origins. She is the first female professional kora player. With a Gambian father and an English mother, Sona was born in 1983 in

Cameroon / Nathalie Koah “reborn”

Nathalie Koah is confirmed in the literary world with a new book that is worth the solicitation of media cascading. The young lady publishes "Renaître", after "Revenge Porn", a therapy book according to this young