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75 years of the Fulbright program: a look back at the experiences and actions of Togolese fellows

The Fulbright program is 75 years old. Deployed in more than 160 countries including Togo. Fulbright now has more than 400,000 beneficiaries. On 25 June, a ceremony was held in the auditorium of the University

Manlikeclix; The new king of dapper!

Gwei Noel Yengong or Manlikeclix is a clothing lover. He has style and that is indisputable. Known for his unique combinations, Gwei Noel Yengong is now a Creative Director at Alessandro Veneto. What is so

Upclose with Manlikeclix: The man who makes fashion his art.

Cameroonian stylist Gwei Noel Yengong, aka Manlikeclix, has become a force to reckon with in the fashion world. The works of the very talented stylist have already drawn the attention of over 100,000 followers to

Okra African Grill introduces a new exciting feel to its services

Consistent with the entitlement package for sponsors of the Love Yourself project jointly led by Kreativ Ways and MyAfricaInfos, we do a close-up with Okra African Grill.Established African restaurant, Okra African Grill brings on board

Exquisite Fabrics-USA: Bringing authentic African products closer to the diaspora

Consistent with the entitlement package for sponsors of the Love Yourself project jointly led by Kreativ Ways and MyAfricaInfos, our team features Exquisite Fabrics-USA.Exquisite Fabrics-USA has carved a niche for itself as a leading online

23 bouts, 18 wins, 7 K.O… / Career of Issouf Kinda, from Burkina-Faso to the USA

Awarded the world boxing Champion by the « World Professional Boxing Federation » in the United States in 2017, two times boxing champion in the lightweight category of the state of New York (New York

USA/ “Afro Excellence Gala” in Omaha

Omaha Diversity Experience is organizing an Afro Excellence - Ankara wear night to celebrate and salute all the Community Empowerment Initiatives that highlighted the year 2018 in Omaha Nebraska. This will also be the occasion

“Impossible is just a word, it’s not a certainty”; the message of Brad K. Hounkpati at the American National College Atlanta

Chairman of Grain de Sel Togo Inc, Brad K Hounkpati's  address at the American National College Atlanta GA, Class of 2018. Here is his message full of hope! "Good morning, President, Board of Trustees, Faculty,

AFWO : Come discover the treasures of African fashion!

The Africa Fashion Week Omaha (AFWO) is planned by AFROMAHA (Africans of Omaha). This first edition is meant to be a meeting of exchange and celebration of African fashion based on the Ankara prints. (more…)

Nigeria/ The “LagosPhoto Festival” opens from 27 October to 15 November 2018

The economic capital of Nigeria, Lagos has been hosting the international Festival of Photography for 9 years. The tradition will be respected this year. (more…)