Ghana/ Is Ghana about to face yet another disappointment?

With Ghana picking up just a point in their home game against Uganda and failing to pick any point at all against Egypt, does it mean the end of the road for them with regards to the upcoming World Cup?

Definitely not but it sure is an enormous limitation that will make the road to Russia 2016 very rocky and difficult. So maybe all hope is not lost but greater concern should be channeled to the team as a whole to ensure their enthusiasm is not dented.

For if there is any chance even in a minute possibility for the Black Stars to qualify at the expense of Egypt, then their zeal should not be altered. Essentially, a more graceful team is required if Ghana has a possibility of qualifying.

Ghana’s attack force seems very slow and unproductive so they don’t seem to pose much threat to opposing defenders. This means Grant has more work at hands since the defense is adversely effete as the rest of the team. Ghana has four more matches to play to probably qualify.

Should Ghana fail to qualify for Russia 2018, this would be the first time since they first qualified in 2006 in Germany to miss out on a World Cup finals.


By Dayane T.

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