23 bouts, 18 wins, 7 K.O… / Career of Issouf Kinda, from Burkina-Faso to the USA

Awarded the world boxing Champion by the « World Professional Boxing Federation » in the United States in 2017, two times boxing champion in the lightweight category of the state of New York (New York State Light Welterweight), Issouf Kinda 31, is a brave son of the country of the Men of integrity, Burkina Faso in West Africa. After the title of vice champion of Africa in 2007, the brilliant boxer goes and settles in the Bronx, New York (US) , where he realizes endless feats. Issouf honors us by speaking openly about his career, his bouts, his country, and his perspectives in an interview.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.
My name is Issouf Kinda, I am a boxer from Burkina currently living in the US.

How did it occur to you that you were talented for boxing?
Boxing came to me naturally. Otherwise, my dream was to become a football player. But given that my father was a former boxer, he introduced me to this sport since I was a little child.

Tell us a bit about your career from hometown Burkina Faso to the US !
I first engaged in educational bouts, followed by amateur bouts in Burkina Faso. Later on, I was selected among the best 2 of my category to represent my country in the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008. But before going to Beijing, we went for a course in Tunisia. While there, we used to go out and engage in international bouts here and there in Europe and Africa. That’s how I became vice champion of Africa in Madagascar, and finally found myself in the US for the world championship.

What is your record of achievements ?
As of today, I have fought 23 bouts, achieved 18 wins in which 7 K.O (knock-outs). I am the champion of New York, and the world champion in my category by the World Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF).

How do you work to be at such a level of performance ?
I train hard morning and evening with my technical staff.

Where would you place yourself on a scale of 10 regarding your career dream?
I place myself at 9 regarding my career dream.

You affirm your pride of being a son of Africa and above all of Burkina Faso. Do you think this is reciprocal?
In the meantime there is nothing from the side of federations. I only count on the support of my family and my fans. But I am always open.

Is it true that Côte d’Ivoire and the DRC have tried to naturalize you for you to represent them?
Yes, and not only them. There were other African countries and even the US.

How have you delt with this gesture?
I love my country Burkina Faso and I’m proud of coming from it. For that reason, I will not be able in any way to fight on behalf of a country other than Burkina Faso. It is a mission for me to elevate the name of Burkina Faso everywhere in the world .

When is your next bout ? ( Any details on the bout, date, venue and name of the opponent)
Nothing is decided yet concerning that matter. You will be the first to be informed once a date is scheduled.

Do you have connections with boxers of your host country, the US?
Yes, I have connections with several African and American boxers.

What African boxer have inspired you the most?
Mohamed Ali. I even got nicknamed “Bombayé” by my America fans.

Is there a collaboration and solidarity framework between professional boxers of Africa?
Yes there is a certain collaboration and solidarity between us. I help many boxers to find bouts opportunities in Africa.

Do you have projects for the African boxing or that of Burkina?
I have recently opened a boxing club in Burkina Faso, in Banfora precisely where I train young boxers. As you can see I am ready to share my experience with the youths.

Any advice for the young Africans who dream of becoming boxers?
I will only encourage them, ask them to work hard and never give anything up whatever difficulty they may encounter.

What is your vision for Africa in general?
My vision is to see boxing develop everywhere in Africa the same way it is in Ghana.

What is your last word ?
I would like to thank God for all he did to me. Also, I am thanking “MyAfricaInfos”, and you particularly. And finally, I thank my family and my fans all over the world for their support.

Translated from french : http://bit.ly/Issoufkinda

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