AFWO : Come discover the treasures of African fashion!

The Africa Fashion Week Omaha (AFWO) is planned by AFROMAHA (Africans of Omaha). This first edition is meant to be a meeting of exchange and celebration of African fashion based on the Ankara prints.

Each year, Team AFROMAHA intends to organize this event to celebrate Africa on American soil. AFWO is a branch of the activities and objectives of the AFROMAHA group. AFROMAHA’s goal is to promote and enhance African culture through fashion and the Ankara prints.

The main objective of AFWO is to first create a solid framework for African designers living in the United States more specifically in Omaha. This will allow them to express their art and to live from it. To support that purpose, the organization also appealed to investors who will be part of the celebration.

According to Joubel Teko, this evening is an opportunity to “inspire other talents and all the players in the fashion industry living in the community to come out of the shadows, and to take advantage of the opportunities that AFWO will offer.

Several African fashion designers will participate and show their works. Blewu Apparel (Togo) will be there with his collection Urban Wear and Alexis Amina (USA) with her “Coming to America” collection. MJ Boutique (Togo) will also be present with a dual presentation such as Urban wear and Bridal collections.

Other creators will mark the evening, namely House of Fulani of the talented Amina Fall (Senegal) with her collection “Teranga”  which means hospitality, influenced by Senegalese fashion and Nana-Africa (Kenya) will who will present models inspired by her native Kenya.

The first part of the program will be devoted to cocktails and fraternization between guests, designers and investors. The second part will feature designers’ different creations.

During this evening, Joeezy from Togo and Manny Joe from southern Sudan will perform. There will also be two dance demonstrations: a dance of Angolan origin and the “Warrior Dance” with BeEz (Drummer), Deng and Manut (Dancers).

For this year, the AFWO will be held on September 29th, 2018 from 5pm to 10pm at the HotShops Arts Center located at 13th and Nicholas Street Omaha, NE. Tickets are already available for sale online at a price of $25 US dollars on Evenbrite:

At the door the entrance fee will be $30 US dollars. Save money by booking your place and buying online.

Essenam K²

Web Journalist and CEO of, MyAfricaShop MyAfricaTV

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