Flash Marley : “LA MADRE”

“Life gave me brothers, friends but what is special is that I know who to count on”, “Weakness is mental”, are the two favorite quotes of the girl who had the courage to make her place in the world of Togolese Rap-Game.

Flash Marley is a Togolese rapper artist. She is one of the few girls who have managed to make themselves known and talk about them in this arena. She made a name for herself in the years 2015 on a collaboration with one of her elders.

From his real name MAGLODJI Sitsopé Judith, Flash Marley was born to Togolese parents. During her studies, she was interested in art and much more in poetry and drawing. A passion that earned him the third place in a drawing contest Switzerland “The city where life is good”. She continued to nurture this passion and to work on it and then decided to convert her poems and the messages conveyed in her drawings into musical art because, according to her, music is the proper channel to be closer and in perfect connection with her fans. She took as models the singers such as Duke Booba, Angélique Kidjo, Bob Marley and other legendary figures from which it is inspired.

In 2013, the future star of the Togolese Rap-Game decided to launch his musical career. She first released in 2014 a sound titled “Future”, a kind of test shot to test the waters to analyze the reaction of the public. She engaged a year later a collaboration with the artist Diff Plies set they release the title “Biédéka” (a franc). This release will draw the attention of Rap lovers to this talented girl, with a remarkable flow and a stage name that cannot go unnoticed. “Flash Marley” is a name that would have come to her while she was still at school. “Flash” to indicate the desire she has to touch and penetrate the hearts at the speed of lightning by his music, and “Marley” to reveal his adherence to the philosophy of the Rastas but especially their values such as the positivity, greatness of soul and others.

After this revelation, Flash Marley took her time to perfect her art and style in order to be able to establish herself as a rapper and specially to fulfill this obligation to prove to the parents and her entourage that to make music and especially Rap n is not being rogue

In August 2016, Flash Marley confirms its presence with the release of the lightning title “Ogbé- Olon” (whether they agree or not), a way of saying that it is essential in the field regardless of the winds otherwise. This sound will collect the appreciation of the public who discovers the courage and tenacity of this girl. This title will quickly become the title to which it is assigned.

In the same year, a few months after the title “Ogbé-Olon”, Flash Marley collaborates with the artist Cyano Gêne on the title “Nous pas Bouger” released in October. It follows immediately in the same month, the sound “Etadji” also from a collaboration with the artist As2pic. In these outings, the young rapper does not fail to be noticed by his style and his flow.

In early 2017, Flash Marley returns to the scene with the hit “Did you see where? “, Punch wrapped in hardcore Rap. Soon after, in the same year, she will launch a mix of Rap and melody titled “My secret”, a production of Blaaz. Towards the end of 2017, full of inspiration and love of her country, Flash Marley makes a trip that briefly recounts life in the country and a dedication to Togolese titled “Togol’Aise”.

After a short break, Flash Marley, the one most music lover consider to be the best of women’s rap in Togo, signs her return with a new hit called “Intro”, a pure punch line that has come to hoist the reputation of the band even more. artist.

Flash Marley

Very far from lack of speech and even less inspiration, Flash Marley returned towards the end of the year 2018 with a more danceable rhythm and an unusual style on the title “Chic Chek Choc”. A sound that tells a story of the young artist who finds himself straddling three men who make him turn his head to the point of wondering which to choose between the “CHIC, the CHEK and SHOCK”. This sound and its new style were a surprise for the Togolese public who can only love this talent that grows.

November 2019, Flash Marley is the first rapper to release an album in Togo. Her project La Madre has just been born, this album represents a mini revolution in her country Togo because she is the only rapper to have imposed her domination on the Togolese Hip Hop.

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