Okra African Grill introduces a new exciting feel to its services


Consistent with the entitlement package for sponsors of the Love Yourself project jointly led by Kreativ Ways and MyAfricaInfos, we do a close-up with Okra African Grill.

Established African restaurant, Okra African Grill brings on board a fast-casual restaurant in the likeness of popular Mexican brand Chipotle.

The restaurant owned by the dynamic Nina Sodji aims at positioning the brand in a way that serves the world right by way of getting insightful education in Gourmet African cuisine by putting an emphasis on deep African history and meaning behind ingredients of a traditional meal.

The fast-casual restaurant model is well known, however, Okra African Grill has some uniqueness to its services. The use of fresh and quality African ingredients in preparing the dishes as well as serving them constitute Okra African Grill’s peculiarities.
The services are expected to see a lot more variation to include Webinars, couples cooking classes on ethnic food and competition.

Patrons of the brand will get even greater experiences through products such as Taste of Africa, an exhibition where several ethnic African food will be brought to the public with entertainment and glimpses of the culture.

Okra African Grill is active on Facebook for further details.


Facebook: facebook.com/okraafricangrill
Phone: +1 402-884-7500

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