Misericordia Fashion, dressing you is our satisfaction

Responding to the name of Félicité Sonia AGBO, she is Togolese living in Lomé.
She studied business law leading to a license and training in office secretarial work. Despite this curriculum, she decided to put her passion first.

Sonia explains that from a very young age, she has always been interested in everything that is manual, which allows her to say that she was born with it. In the second year, at the University, she decided to put her talents to the benefit of her colleagues. Subsequently, she followed training in manufacturing accessories in pearls and loincloths and decided to make it a main activity: this is how ” Misericordia Fashion ” was born.

She decides to create “Misericordia Fashion” to enhance her art and talent. But above all to enhance the wax fabric.
Misericordia Fashion specializes in the manufacture of accessories in pearls, loincloths and many others: bags, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats and many other items. Sonia pushed her passion further by giving people who love the manual the opportunity to get started: Misericordia fashion also trains in the creation of pearl and loincloth accessories.

Sonia would like to remind women above all that wax and pearls represent our African identity, thus do everything to ensure that this does not disappear. Her future projects are also focused outside of Togo. Sonia would very soon like to train beyond Togo, and make her accessories known to all lovers of loincloth and pearls.

Misericordia Fashion is based in Togo in Agoe-assiyéyé, reachable on: 00228 98048065 or 00228 91800389. Email :  agbosonia88@yahoo.fr Facebook page: My articles in loincloth and pearls. (in French)

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