Financial transactions made easier with the new E-merchant card

Africa XYZ unveils a new electronic card to facilitate financial transactions among African businesses and the rest of the world.

Trading in Africa can get frustrating when it comes to receiving money from a distance. Traders and online platforms operating around the continent have for a long time cried for getting much easier channels of sending and receiving money. Despite the advent of mobile money which has brought significant relief, the issue of receiving money in a hustle-free way from outside Africa has still not been tackled. The E-merchant card from Africa XYZ, a Rwanda and Malawi based technology company seeks to bridge that gap.

The card allows merchants to provide their international clients with the possibility of paying them through options such as Paypal, Visa, MasterCard or Bank Transfer. Merchants generate a payment link, send same to their partners, and they can directly have access to payments through their E-merchant cards and make withdrawals at over 1 million MasterCard enabled ATMs in over 200 countries as well as purchases in 32 million merchant locations worldwide, where MasterCard is accepted.

Service providers, online sellers are targets of this innovative service. Even established business entrepreneurs can take also take advantage of the E-merchant card.
The related fees are affordable for businesses.

Acquiring the card costs a one-time fee of $25. Whilst there are no fees for transactions, withdrawal charges range between 1 and 3%.
This game-changing service is a product of a team of young men and women who make up Africa XYZ. Beyond the E-merchant card, the company provides other tech services.

Africa XYZ is raising funds, a total of 300,000 Euros to help expand the service to many African countries. Any individual who might be interested can get in touch for more details.

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