Young Ghanaian invents a hand washing sink with a fitted-in solar panel and sensor

A young Ghanaian makes use of barrels to create beautiful hand washing sinks.

Local problems, call for local solutions. As the world is faced with the coronavirus pandemic and health experts encourage a number of measures to help stop the spread of the virus including frequent hand washing under running water, the need to provide easily accessible hand-washing facilities is at an all-time high. In Ghana, Richard Kwarteng Aning led his team to creatively put together a handwashing sink using recycled barrels with a fitted-in solar panel and a sensor. The solar panel pumps the water whilst the sensor ensures the tap is not touched in the handwashing process.
The system is built in such a way that when hands are introduced under the tap, the soap comes out first as water follows after 25 seconds in view of allowing enough time for the hands to be washed thoroughly.
In a video that went viral on social media, the young man is seen demonstrating how the facility can be used and further explained the principles behind building it.
Watch video here.

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